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Rose quartz – 30g / 7,8×4, 5×0,5

The traditional Chinese Gua Sha facial massage is an ancient healing therapy. It stimulates the microcirculation of soft tissues and helps to improve blood circulation.

Berrichi has combined the Gua Sha tradition with the power of rose quartz. Rose quartz is considered to be the crystal of love, harmony, care and calmness, which brings out happiness, inner peace and feelings of romance. It will keep you youthful and fresh, creating the feeling of being cared for and protected, and awakes a positive mind. Rose quartz promotes the renewal of skin cells and smooths fine wrinkles.

You can use Gua Sha of rose quartz for massaging the face, neck and neckline areas as often as on a daily basis, but at least once a week. Create your own routine, by combining your usual application of a day or night cream with a few minutes of Gua Sha treatment.

Ingredients: Quartz


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